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Sis To Sis Productions

About Us

Sis to Sis Productions was established to build an entertainment platform in the film industry for families that both educates and empowers.  Sis to Sis Productions is a hometown film production company that has been creating film projects locally over the last four years. 

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we have been blessed to have many phenomenal actors and participants nationwide that have immersed themselves into our film projects and become among the elite of the hottest growing film industries located in the South. 


Beginning this journey in entertainment has been enlightening, from our first stage play to the new projects that are being aired at local theaters and now to households everywhere.  Our passion and love for this industry has taken a new pathway, even with the launch of Sis to Sis mobile app that will launch Spring 2020.  We look forward to continue working with our current and prospective business partners for years to come. 

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