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Sisters and the Shrink 4

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Sisters and the Shrink 4  highlights the newfound challenge of the women as their faith and trust is tried leaving their relationship with each other questionable. Meanwhile,  secrets are revealed that cause a divide between the woman/sisters. 

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Producer, Director, and Author Hazel Simpson a graduate of Monroe College NY continues to claim her spot among the elite women in film and media in the emerging southern capital of entertainment, Atlanta, Georgia. Simpson among other businesswomen have chosen to persevere, despite odds against them in a male dominated industry.


Coming off the success of her recent film, “Sisters and the Shrink,” critics and film enthusiasts are beginning to take interest into this budding woman in film.  “Sisters and the Shrink” is based on the real-life story of six ordinary women and their hired shrink to assist with repairing their broken relationships, friendships, and family ties. 


The captivating release has garnished a new accolade for Simpson as Silver Award Winner of the 2019 International Independent Film Awards for the film “Sisters and the Shrink.”  Since childhood, Simpson had a passion to work in film and become an everyday storyteller. Her passion remains daily to empower and enlighten both adults and children. Due to this passion for all humankind, Simpson founded the I AM Awards which highlights and uplifts women of the community for their hard work and dedication. 


The early part of Simpson’s career began working in the arts on the exclusive Broadway stage in musicals. Simpson accredits her initial dabbing in the arts for her second love of educating youth about the arts. Shortly after departing from her Broadway briefing, Simpson decided to launch an art based educational childcare facility named Drama and Arts Academy based in Georgia located at 286 Highway 314 Fayetteville, Ga.


Taking a swift step towards releasing a new film, starring some notable actors in film, Simpson shows no signs of slowing down soon. The resilience and dedication of Simpson is forever constant and contributes all her success to her family and faith in God. Also featured in people you need to know magazine 2015 and 2019.


Rolling out magazine 2009 and 2014. YBE magazine 2015 and 2017. 2023 Professional who’s who publication. Recognition: The international women's leadership Association 2015. Representative for public arts Commission board South Fulton district 5. Check out our movie selections on Amazon Prime called Sisters & The Shrink 1 and 2. The Movie “The Prayer” is now available on Tubi. Check out “Sisters and the Shrink 3” also available now!. 






Founded in 2009 by Filmmaker and Author Hazel Simpson, 


Sis to Sis Productions was established to build an entertainment platform in the film industry for families that both educates and empowers.  Sis to Sis Productions is a hometown film production company that has been creating film projects locally over the last four years.  


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we have been blessed to have many phenomenal actors and participants nationwide that have immersed themselves into our film projects and become among the elite of the hottest growing film industries located in the South.  


Beginning this journey in entertainment has been enlightening, from our first stage play to the new projects that are being aired at local theaters and now to households everywhere.  Our passion and love for this industry has taken a new pathway, even with the launch of Sis to Sis mobile app that will launch Spring 2020.  We look forward to continue working with our current and prospective business partners for years to come. 




The I Am Awards is an annual award show that pays tribute to female entrepreneurs who embrace diversity and ingenious creativity in her particular field of “femalepreneurship”. Whether a visual artist, an author or a salon owner we are taking the time to show our appreciation for the accomplishments, achievements, and the journey of each individual woman.


The I AM Awards signifies the strength, ambition, and accomplishment of women entrepreneurs who have exemplified faith, confidence and courage to create a business out of an idea, and who are bold enough to stand proud to say I am.




Hazel Simpson founded Drama & Arts Academy in 2009 and continues to provide childcare services to children throughout metro Atlanta, with a new location in Fayetteville, Georgia.  Simpson takes pride in the arts and believes that the arts yield lifelong learning in any capacity.  She also is an author, producer, director, and film writer that is claiming her spot among the elite women in film and media in the emerging southern capital of entertainment, Atlanta, Georgia.  Simpson's most recent film release is "Sisters and the Shrink 2" which is available on Amazon Prime and RokuTV-Sis to Sis TV.


Simpson is a graduate of Monroe College in New York.  Simpson also is the founder of Sis to Sis Productions, I Am Awards, and serves on the Fulton County Arts board.  

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Written by Dr.

Courtney A. Hammonds
Co-Writer Hazel Simpson

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