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1. To Enter

In order to be considered for an, I AM Awards complete the submission form on IAWEA contact page

at Submission of your information will qualify you to be a participant, depending upon

eligibility, for an IAWEA. IAWEA shall determine in its sole discretion the specific Categories, for which

each participant is eligible for. Based on the information contained in her submission form. Submission forms can be

completed electronically or by mail. If you choose to submit by mail you must include a small bio, your contact

information, and a return address ( P.O. Box accepted).




2. Each participant is responsible for notifying IAMAWARDS via mail or e-mail at of any

change in the contact information (including street address, e-mail address, and telephone number) contained in her

submission form. All submission forms shall become the exclusive property of IAWEA and will not be returned.

Only one (1) submission form for each participant Business will be accepted. All completed submission forms must

be received by no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time on September 25, 2022. The IAWEA is subject to all

federal, state, and local laws and regulations. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.




3. Eligibility

General Requirements for the IAWEA each participant must be an individual, who is a citizen or legal resident of

the U.S. and is at least 18 years old; has owned, and been actively engaged in the day-to-day operation for at least

one (1) year of, the business identified in her submission form, a business must have its headquarters located in the

United States, You must be able to verify information submitted example proof of State Corporation

Certificate, business license, etc. By submitting a form each participant hereby agrees and consents to verification of

said information.




4. Selection of Nominees

IAWEA editorial and marketing department will notify the nominee no later than September 30, 2022, by mail,

email, or phone the IAM AWARDS upholds high standards during our selection process some of the things we look for

are awareness, effectiveness, and the service of giving back to our communities. Participants must meet the criteria all

personal information will be kept confidential and solely used to determine eligibility. A media release form is required

it must be submitted within (7) calendar days.




5. Disqualification

To disqualify any participant, whom we determine is ineligible, by submitting inaccurate information to IAWEA 2021,

including information in the submission form, has been responsible (whether alone or with others) for tampering with

any aspect of the IAWEA participant, or to have otherwise violated the Official Rules or applicable law.




6. No Liability

By participating in this event, each participant acknowledges, understands and agrees, That the awards are being

provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties. By submitting your information you are in agreement

to release and hold harmless the IAWEA from all responsibilities, risks, incidents, and liabilities and will release

and forever discharge the founders of the IAWEA team from any claims, costs, and cause of action.





Sis to Sis Productions


Phone: 770.310.9234


E-Mail Address:

Presenter: providing promotional support only for the IAWEA is not to be considered a sponsor or administrator.






To nominate a deserving female entrepreneur for an IAWEA follow these steps:


1. Read the criteria below to make sure you qualify.

2. Read the category list below to see which one best fits your business.

3. Email a short bio of the nominee, their contact information, and the appropriate category to

4. Please complete the application by clicking the following link: Nominee Form

The IAWEA committee will then contact you concerning your nomination.





You must be a female Entrepreneur

You must be located in the United States

You must be in business for at least one year

You must provide proof of business license and corporation papers




NOTE: (Exception are made for independent sales representatives Contact us at 770.310.9234





One time nomination for an IAWEA

(1) VIP Tickets

VIP Seating

VIP Access to vendors showcase




One Queen Crown

Business name featured in the ROLLING OUT MAGAZINE

Media exposure




NOTE: A percentage of your nomination fee goes towards I AM mentoring program, which helps educate young at risk

females into entrepreneurship. Remember it's our responsibility to teach our youth the way they should go so that

they are able to pass it on.






Business Owners: We are looking to honor women in all areas of business including Hair Salon, Restaurant

Owner, Spa, etc.

Ministry: Female Pastor

Health Care Provider: Doctor, Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant, Health Service Technician etc.

Independent Sales Representative: Mary K, Avon, Life Insurance Reps, Realtors, Agents etc.

Designer: Fashion, Interior, Artist, etc.

Entertainment Industry: 

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