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The I Am Awards is an annual award show that pays tribute to female entrepreneurs who embrace diversity and ingenious creativity in her particular field of “femalepreneurship”. Whether a visual artist, an author or a salon owner we are taking the time to show our appreciation for the accomplishments, achievements, and the journey of each individual woman.


The I AM Awards signifies the strength, ambition, and accomplishment of women entrepreneurs who have exemplified faith, confidence and courage to create a business out of an idea, and who are bold enough to stand proud to say I am.


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Hazel Simpson is an author, founder of The I AM Awards, was born and raised in Jamaica, she moved to New York where she began to pursue her passion and hone her skills for the performing arts. I realized my passion for children and teaching.


Through witnessing firsthand the effectiveness of the arts and how my interest in teaching children developed into a career with joy, I knew that part of my purpose in life was to teach children, both through academics, and the arts.

"In 2014, I’ve decided to honor women like myself who are trailblazers and visionaries…those who have the courage to step out in faith and pursue the challenging, yet rewarding world of female entrepreneurship, 



I AM Awards will sponsor an entrepreneurial workshop for young females twice a year, in the spring and fall respectively. As a part of the application process for the I AM Awards, each applicant will be asked if they would like to become an I AM mentor/instructor for our bi-annual mentorship workshops. Each workshop will be held on a Saturday and will be comprised of four topics relevant to female entrepreneurs. We will begin registration during the I AM Awards for all interested mentees. 


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 VIP Cocktail Reception







Awards Event






includes the following access to VIP Cocktail Reception: and Awards Show



Ticket sales begin September 20, 2022

Vendor Booth $75.00



Dear Sponsor,


Affirming the power of female entrepreneurship in Atlanta is an important part of ensuring that little girls and young ladies emerging into womanhood realize their own potential to launch enterprises that will help fuel our great economy into the future. To that end, Sis to Sis Productions, in partnership with Ki’Te Kids Youth Foundation Inc. an Atlanta-based 501c3 devoted to mentoring young females in our great city is proud to present the inaugural edition of the I Am Awards Show.


Ki’Te kids’ foundation helps to mentor girls into entrepreneurship and teaches kids diversity through the arts. Sis to Sis productions brings awareness issues through the arts of stage plays and movies.


Hosted at the Drama and Arts Building 286 Hwy 314 Fayetteville Georgia 30214 on October 22, 2022, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm the I Am Awards Show will celebrate outstanding and successful women entrepreneurs from around the Metro for their respective journeys—each marked by faith, inner-strength, ambition and confidence. The power to dream and the will to persevere to the end are marks of a business champion and are attributes that are not celebrated enough in our community. A portion of the proceeds will go to “I AM Mentoring program and Drama and Arts Academy children entrepreneurship program.


We recognize that your company has demonstrated leadership in Atlanta’s business community and invite you to join us as we cast a spotlight on these amazing women. Attached to this letter is a sponsorship invitation. I know your company can be an asset to this cause and join us in our advocacy for young women entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


I (or one of my team members) will reach out to you soon to answer any questions you may have and to explore ways to bring you into our family of sponsors for this inspiring event. You may also feel free to reach out to me directly at (770)310-9234 I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Best Regards,


Hazel Simpson

Dania Robinson

Sponsorship Packets


Platinum $1500

  • 5 VIP Gold Carpet Cocktail Reception Tickets & Reserve seating 

  • Sponsor’s name and logo will be placed on the front cover of all I AM AWARDS. 

  • Sponsor's name in all press releases produced for I AM AWARDS. 

  • Sponsor's name and logo will be displayed on I AM AWARDS banner. 

  • Sponsor's name and logo will be displayed on the Website.


Gold $1,000 

  • Sponsor's name and logo will be placed on the front cover of all I AM AWARDS . 

  • Sponsor's name and logo will be displayed on the I AM AWARDS banner. 

  • Sponsor's name or logo will be displayed on the I AM AWARDS Web site.


Silver $500 

  • Sponsor's name and logo will be listed in I AM AWARDS sponsor brochures and posters. 

  • Sponsor's name will be included in the I AM AWARDS press release.


Bronze $250.00

  • Sponsor's name and logo listed in I AM AWARDS sponsor brochures and posters

  • Sponsor’s received 2 tickets to the awards show.


Special Sponsorship Opportunities


Special Sponsorship Recognition is available for major donors of goods and services, depending on the cash value of the donation. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please call Dania Robinson or Hazel Simpson at 770.310.9234 or email us at


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