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“Where excellence is the NORM

6270 Red Oak Road

College Park, GA 30349


Monday-Friday  6:00am - 6:30pm


Hazel Simpson, founder and director of Drama and Arts Academy, was born and raised in Jamaica.  She moved to New York where she began to pursue her passion and hone her skills for the performing arts.  Hazel began her journey on the exclusive Broadway stage in musicals.  "After taking my first child to Head Start, and observing the program for the day, I realized my passion for children and teaching. Through witnessing first hand the effectiveness of the arts and how my interest in teaching children developed into a career with joy, I knew that part of my purpose in life was to teach children, both through academics, and the arts", says Hazel. 


After 18 years of teaching both in New York and Atlanta, Drama and Arts Academy was birthed into existence in 2008.



We serve children 3 months through 13years old, and After School Children.

12 months - 18 months                                  $135.00


19 months - 2 years                                        $125.00


3 years - 4 years                                              $110.00


Preschool                                                          $110.00


Private Kindergarten                                       $110.00


Drop-In rate                                                      $30.00 per day





Full time (5 days)                                             $65.00


Part time (up to 3 days)                                   $40.00




(Except Kindergarten)                                      $50.00


Registration for Kindergarten Students        $75.00


Nutritious meals and snacks will be provided for students. 






This fun, performing arts camp is for children


5-12 years old. Children will be taught Acting, Hip-Hop, African, Liturgical, and Modern Jazz Dance, Etiquette, Vocal Training, Painting and more!  


Each week will focus on a new art form, so children get to experience different forms of artistic expression!


In addition, once a week, we take all of our campers on a field trip to a local site in the Atlanta area.  There will also be a performance at the end of camp in which all campers will participate.


Check back with us soon for a posted schedule

of events!


They gave their ALL for our Christmas Production 2013!
Presentations included, dance, sign language, music, and song.
Thank you to all the parents, family members, and friends 
that came out to support the children!


Below you can find all of the latest updates and news at Drama and Arts Academy, for our Parents and Guardians.


We greatly encourage Parent/Guardian participation, community, and socialization.  Every other month, we will sponsor a Parents Cafe Event on various topics designed to enrich and educate.  Our topics have ranged from health and wellness to enterprenuerial and business information.


Parents/Guardians are also encouraged to volunteer for various events at the school for a minimum of 2 hours.  School productions like our annual Harvest Festival and Christmas Production are perfect opportunities to help.


We deem your support of Drama and Arts Academy as an important part of the success of all of our children,

and we appreciate your participation!


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we are just a phone call or email away!

We're There When You Need Us!



Enrolling your child in a new school can be quite a task.  We want to help your decision making process by providing you with as much information as possible.  The more you know, the better you can make a well-informed decision.




Children are placed in a clssroom with their age-approriate peers. The center Director is responsible fro placing children in the appropriate classroom environment.  Before children are transitioned to another classroom, the center Director will notify the parents and the parents will meet the new teacher.  Children will be allowed to visit the classroom on a gradual basis agreed upon by the parents and staff.




All children must be dropped off and picked up by a person 18 years of age or older.  No child will be released unless the individual picking up the child is listed on an authorized pick-up person form.  In case of an emergency, the parent must call in the emergency pick-up person's name and also fax an authorization form with their signature.  The person will also be asked to show a picture I.D.


Closing time is 6:30pm.  We ask that all parents cooperate in picking up their children before closing time.  If there is a delay, please call the center.  A late fee of $5.00 will apply to every 5 minutes after 6:30pm and must be paid at pick-up.




Discipline is the method by which children learn self-control in order to take full advantage of all the glorious possibilities offered by life.  At Drama and Arts Academy, the process of learning self-control is seen as a part of the curriculum and making mistakes is the method by which children learn their abilities.


The only rules which are uniform thoughout the school are that no one may hurt another person and no one may destroy property. Individual rules are set within each class as the need arises in order that the children learn to negotiate and compromise.


Adults appropriately modeling positive behaviors with children and other adults do more to teach than does the constant setting of rules.


We give children suffiecient time to complete tasks to go through transitions.


We give positive reinforcement - "walk" instead of "don't run".


Blanket praise - "I love your picture" becomes meaningless after a while.  Instead, saying "I like the way you use many colors" gives a child pride in what he/she has done.


Staff is positioned in the room so they can view all the children.


Staff is positioned on the playground so that they can view all the children.


We try to prevent rather than fix.  Redirection is the key to preventing a problem from erupting.


Room arrangement plays a big part in discipline.  Our fun and professional staff help to reduce the need for disciplinary intervention.  Our goal is to help a child develop internal controls.


A child who is continually in difficulties in school and/or home is a child sending a signal that he/she needs help.  Children strive to please. The pushing of boundaries and the testing of rules is a part of growing up and achieving self-identity.  When clashes are constant and over bearing and are a continuous part of the child's existence is when the school and parent must intervene.


Any form of corporal punishment, hitting, abusive language, ridicule is absolutel prohibited in this school for any reason.


The center reserves the right to request the removal of a child and such a request will be made if it becomes apparent that the safety and well-being of a child or adult/staff is in jeopardy.

Any Questions? Click here or call us at 404.781.3028

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